Expansion of European mobility of apprentices

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Mikael Hautchamp et Cécile Courrèges (Igas)

Through letter of engagement of 27 April 2022, the Igas was tasked by the Minister of Work, Employment and Insertion with an evaluation mission relating to the expansion of European mobility of apprentices in Europe. Relating to a subject covered in recent reports (Igas[1] GAUZERE and BOREL report 2017, Jean ARTHUIS report January 2018[2]) and which widely reaches a consensus over the aims sought and their benefits, this was mainly a matter of drawing up findings on the obstacles to the expansion of such European mobility and making proposals that could significantly increase the volumes of apprentices embarking on European mobility assignments.

The mission is taking place in a context where the number of apprentices on mobility assignments remains modest while the total number of apprentices has increased spectacularly following the reform of apprenticeships arising out of the Law of 5 September 2018 on the freedom to choose your professional future (cf. 2.1). This law completely upended the funding system and the responsibilities of the professional training stakeholders. It made access to the demand for learning easier and liberalised the training offering. It developed incentives for employers in particular through the one-off grant upon employment of apprentices coupled with an exceptional grant upon employment of apprentices, which was greatly strengthened within the framework of the support for the consequences of the COVID crisis, then the recovery plan, in particular its “one young person, one solution” measure.